Heading to Market

Heading to dallas market to find more beautiful fall boho outfits perfect for that western chic babe.

Hey Babes, I’m back and this week we are talking about all things market! You guys always have questions or want the inside scoop so here it is. 

What is market?

Think of Market as a big shopping trip! It is where boutique owners & buyers for major companies go to purchase clothing to fill their stores. We can also purchase online but market is so much more fun. You actually get to feel the clothing and talk to the vendors. 

Where do you usually go to these markets?

I usually go to Dallas but I have also attended Magic which is in Vegas. There is also a show in Atlanta, that is similar to Dallas, as well as the LA Fashion District in Los Angeles. 

Is it overwhelming?

Very!!! Dallas is 15 floors of clothes, jewelry, accessories, western, home decor, furniture, gift items, kid's toys and clothing and so much more. It is crazy and if aren’t going with a plan you will get sidetracked very easily looking at all of the things.

How long is it? 

Each show is different but they range from 3-5 days usually. I normally go for a quick day or so. If I stay any longer I will go way over budget!

How do you know what to buy?

I’m not going to lie… most of the time I just wing it. I have an idea of things that I need to get/things you guys have told me you needed and an idea of a budget but I usually find extra things along the way. It's pretty much a guessing game because some of the things I like might not be the style of the store or what I think my customers will like. 

How do you prep for market?

I usually break down my shopping by month. So this time I’m shopping for November, December, and January but some boutiques shop for the next season, which is mostly what they will have out this time (I’m just a little behind). Then I will write down what I need to come in for each month, like jeans (dark or light wash, holes or no holes), Christmas/ holiday items ( Christmas PJs, thanksgiving outfits, family photos outfits), sweaters, jackets, etc. Then from there it's like a checklist of things I need to be looking for. At the top of the month, I will also write the budget so I know not to go over that amount. 

Talk to you next week, 


If you guys have any other questions please feel free to message me! Also, if yo have any items you would like me to look for at market also shoot me a message on Instagram or Facebook before Monday! :)


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